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Once the revolution wars were over France had to rebuild its fleet. Therefore Louis XVIII ordered the royal dockyards to realize some projects. It is in this context that was presented to King Charles X this detailed model of the frigate “Charlotte” at the Paris commission of 1824 by the Marquis de Clermont Tonnerre, Minister in charge of the navy and the colonies.

Wanting to put all the chances on his side, the Marquis gave the model his wife’s name. After full examination it was finally decided not to pursue this project and this is probably the reason why “Charlotte” remained in the couple‘s family contrary to the common practice.

Would have the ship been built, the model for archive purposes would have automatically joined the royal collections, now spread out in the various marine museums of the country.

The model to a scale of 1/48 is presented rigged with the most precious woods such as mahogany, ebony, pear tree and boxwood.
The frigate was designed to carry thirty guns in battery and as many on deck. The hammocks are set up in the rails against bullets.

Length overall : 180 cm / 70 inches – Height : 135 cm / 53 inches.

Paris 1824.


Museum piece. SOLD


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Charlotte Charlotte
Modele d arsenal
Modele d arsenal